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Quest and dialogue systems seemingly complete

13 December 2014, 19:08

Today we finally finished the minimum set of features that were required to test dialogue and quest system. We didn't run tests on very complex dialogues and quests, but currently both systems look good and stable.

Additionally we've added a simple wooden chest to our test dungeon. Just for storage of excess test material and stuff.

Here are several screenshots that we made during testing:

And finally we have decided on project name and modified it's "home" page a little bit. You can check out updates on the project's page: So, what's your story?

Quest system complete

9 December 2014, 05:38

The quest system seems to be complete. It is quite complex, so it still needs to be tested throughly. For now we will be implementing minimum required set of scripting environment functions in order to fully check dialogue and quest system work flow in sync. Since currently all dummy script functions just return random possible values, reactions of the quest system would not make any sence to you, so no screenshots this time.

Website is a little bit more open

23 November 2014, 01:54

There was a little bit too much excitement today, so we could not sleep in peace. As such, in a mean time, we decided to finally give you possibility to post your thoughts. Now you can comment all you want. You can comment on news after clicking their titles or you can comment on projects. As usual comments are at the end of the page. We'll try to be patient with evil, but there are certain common rules: no politics, no trolling, no spam, etc. We'll be happy to hear your constructive criticism and destructive praises. Thanks in advance :)

Dialogue system complete

22 November 2014, 13:45

After a long break we finally took it back to our hands. And finally we have completed the main part of dialogue system. What left is to implement some scripting functions, but that is going to happen after we complete the quest system. The reason is that there are several scripting thingies that will be common for both quest and dialogue system, and we don't want to start making things that will require an incomplete part of the game.

The first screenshot is from the game itself (the test dungeon) and second is from the software we use do build the game database of thingamajigs.

And a little bit about the website. We understand, that there are a lot of you, guys, who would like to ask a question, leave a comment or complain, but currently the website does not allow you to do that. You'll have to bare with it for a little longer. We ARE going to add the commenting system.

Start a new life

1 September 2014, 20:38

It took a while, but finanlly we have reached out to the website where we will publish our projects. We have many ideas, but since the team is very small we have so much time. Currently we have put everything aside and started developing a small game. If you're interested you can check it out here.

In the nearest future we will add functionality so you guys can leave your feedback on this site.

For now we will try to post development news on a weekly basis. We hope for a bright future in this dark site :)