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So, what's your story?

What is this project about?

This is the project of a 2D fantasy role playing side-scrolling platformer game with dwarves, elves, magic and what not. And yes, the project is called "So, what's your story?".

What is the situation?

At the moment for the most part we are developing the game engine, but it is close to an end. The story is not ready yet and we are not even sure if the story will be according to the initial idea. Most likely not. Audio currently is not present and most graphics are 5-minute scribblings.

What can be expected / finished already?

Engine and basics

  • Complex quest system (95%, still need to test on a very complex quest).
  • Dialogue system (95%).
  • Character / faction relation system (0%).
  • Player inventory and item container functionality (60%).
  • Inifinite world (15%).
  • Triggers, levers, doors and other useable items (5%).
  • Lighting (80%).
  • Combat (1%).
  • Skills (0%).
  • Modding (0%).
  • Multiplayer (0%).


  • Main story (0%).
  • Side stories (0%).
  • Cities (0%).
  • Dungeons (0%).
  • Wilderness (0%).
  • Playable characters (1%).
  • NPC (0%).
  • Monsters (0%).
  • Overworld map (0%).
  • Equipment (0%).
  • Misc items (0%).
  • Materials (20%).


A tough question. The project has no budget and we are working on it at our free time after work. It's difficult to plan when the game will be released, but we hope it will be before the summer of 2015.

As the development goes on we will be posting news. Sometimes with screenshots/videos, sometimes not. What we hope for is that it will be a joyful experience for both - us as well as you, guys.

Here are several screenshots that were made during the quest and dialogue system tests. You can take a laugh at out quickly drawn characters. They are temporary, but still ...

In the middle of a weird dialogue with the clone and just before getting the quest.

We've got a quest.

A copper was dropped after killing a strangely looking zombie. Too bad it's not a video ...

That chest was so tempting ... Well, I needed to test inventory and chest anyway.

How dialogue starts when you have the quest and the copper ingot.

About to complete the quest

Quest completed by choosing to give the copper ingot for free.

And a very special dialogue for being a good fellow.


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